The Feckers – Courage Of Conviction Part II: Live And Learn (28 April 2024)

The Feckers – Courage Of Conviction – Part II: Live And Learn (28 April 2024) Project Co-Ordination by Richard Anderson & Chris SzkupProduced and Arranged by Chris SzkupCo-Produced by Dennis Leeflang & Richard AndersonMixed by Dennis Leeflang @ Livelong ProductionsMastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson @ The Panic Room, SwedenArtwork by Dan Verkys, based on concepts by […]

August 2020 Update:

Courage Of Conviction Sessions: “Courage Of Conviction Part One: Picking Up The Pieces” – just needs the last few lead and backing vocals completed and then this album will be in the can, mixing of completed tracks has been ongoing. “Courage Of Conviction Part Two: Moment’s In Time” It has been confirmed that Brett Garsed (John Farnham) […]

January 2020 Update

January 2020 Update Lots of good things have happened since our last update….   “Live To Fight Another Day” Album Sessions “King A.W.O.L” has now been mixed, that leaves just “Out Here In The Real World” and “Pardon Me” to be mixed and then we can move forward with getting Maor to master the album. […]