Today sees the release of our second album, “Courage Of Conviction Part 1: Picking Up The Pieces”. CD’s are available now, and a digital release will be announced very soon. THANKS to everyone that jumped on the pre-order and are cranking their copies already!!!

The album was produced by Chris Szkup, co produced by Dennis Leeflang and Richard Anderson, mixed by Dennis Leeflang @Livelong Productions, mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johannson @ The Panic Room, artwork by Dan Verkys.

It features amazing performances from the following musicians from all over the world: Mathew Szkup, Brett Collidge, Lee Jai-Sung, Allesandro Bertoni, Raphael Gazal, Thomas Niedermayer, Bindy Baker, Vanessa Steele, Chris Sligh, Meghan, Roy Bratbakken, Rob Smith, Randy Gilkey, Andres Martinez, Turanga Morgan-Edwards, Reese Morin, Zoltan Renaldi, Darcy Stamp, Pat Valley, Edo van der kolk, Kyle Whalum.

And spoken cameos from: Kyle Work, Johnno “King AWOL” Troulis, Alexey “The Count Spectre”, Brett Collidge, Chris “Beerking” Hickling, Ponch “The Bugger” Satrio, Mark “Chopper” Smith, James “Jimbo” Gillbanks, Kenny “Get Your Hand Off It” Killz, Mathew “Skube” Szkup.

The “Making Of”:

Preview clips:

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Richard Anderson
2 years ago

thanks to everyone that made this album possible!