Our 3rd album “Courage Of Conviction Part I: Picking Up The Pieces” had a release date of 29th September 2021 CD order’s are being taken now, here! , it now also available digitally as of 29th October 2021, exactly a year since the release of “Live To Fight Another Day”!

“Courage Of Conviction Part II: Live And Learn”, is now going to be a 2-disc set. We had a wee problem with song length’s and not wanting to split songs up just to fit everything onto one disc, so we decided to write a few new things and add them into the mix. Currently being tracked are “Courage Of Conviction”, “Sign Of The Times”, “We Can Love Again” and “Wrecked (Instrumental)”

“Courage Of Conviction Part III: In The Face Of Adversity” & “Courage Of Conviction Part IV: Saving Grace” , several songs have been recorded for both of these albums, with tracking to reconvene once writing/arranging for “Courage Of Conviction Part II: Live And Learn” is completed.

Chris Szkup has started composing/recording songs for his next solo-ish EP the follow-up to the recently released “Chance”.

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