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Live To Fight Another Day:

Yes our 2nd album is still on track for its 29th October 2020 release date, we’re sending it out for the final leg of its production, CD duplication/printing to be happening really soon!

Ordering information for this album will be made available very soon, with a pre-order schedule being implemented as well.

Courage Of Conviction Sessions:

“Courage Of Conviction Part One: Picking Up The Pieces”: – just needs the last few lead and backing vocals completed and then this album will be in the can, mixing of completed tracks has been ongoing.

“Courage Of Conviction Part Two: Moment’s In Time“:

Much like Part 1, there isn’t a lot to be recorded for the album. Mostly vocals and backing vocals. We’re about 3/4 of the way completed.

We have decided to introduce a new singer to the line-up on this album as well as re-visiting our partnerships with previous guys we had only recorded singles with.

“Courage Of Conviction Part Three: Saving Grace” and “Courage Of Conviction Part Four: Born To Win”:

Currently we are in writing mode for both of these albums. With some tracks that we have held over specifically to be worked on soon!

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