Courage Of Conviction Sessions:

“Courage Of Conviction Part One: Picking Up The Pieces” – just needs the last few lead and backing vocals completed and then this album will be in the can, mixing of completed tracks has been ongoing.

“Courage Of Conviction Part Two: Moment’s In Time

It has been confirmed that Brett Garsed (John Farnham) and Richard Fortus (Guns N Roses) will be playing on the track “Courage Of Conviction” which clocks in at a mammoth 13.31. Their additions will be recorded in September and October 2020.

Writing/Planning has been ongoing for “Courage Of Conviction Part Three: Saving Grace” and “Courage Of Conviction Part Four: Born To Win”

Bonus Material:

Due to the ongoing productivity in the writing and sessions departments, we are looking at releasing bonus material with all 4 parts of the Courage Of Conviction Sessions, most likely in the form of downloadable EP’s.

Included in the bonus material will be at least one cover, a tune very special to us originally recorded by a group of our alltime heroes. There have been talks about adding a couple of other covers into the mix but we have been so productive with writing our own material.