In October, Richard and Chris managed to get together in Melbourne and Brisbane…great fun was had, it was a huge in person reunion that saw the taking in of some massive Cheap Trick concerts the guys also got to spend some time with Cheap Trick themselves, which was something special.

During that same week Vocals/Backing Vocals were recorded for 2 tracks off the upcoming 2nd album, for “In These Quiet Moments” (a first time recording outside of New Zealand for Richard) and “Never Too Old To Rock” (which we hope will have an accompanying video ready to go early in 2019).


Richard and Chris enjoying a chicken parma meal before the Melbourne Cheap Trick concert.

The last week has seen vocals come in from Roy Bratbakken for the song “Out Here In The Real World”, and harmonica (a first for us) on “In These Quiet Moments” courtesy of Trent Williamson, Chris Szkup also re-recorded his guitar parts and added his harmony vocals, and some ukelele too and it’s all sounding fantastic…that’s 2 more songs that are almost completed.

Writing and arranging of the final album track (we think, plans can always change) “Beyond Good & Evil” is near completion and Chris has done a fantastic job of this (as always).

December should see the release of a special cover track featuring Tuğra Ismail (Vocals), Chris Szkup (Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals), Dennis Leeflang (Drums), Alexey Spectre (Backing Vocals)…we hope people enjoy what they hear and crank up loud!