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Lyric: Richard Anderson
Music: Rob Smith
Vocal Arrangements: Chris Szkup
Musical Arrangements: Chris Szkup
©CS-SONGS / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 2019-2023

Lead Vocals – Yohei Eto
Backing Vocals – Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Rob Smith
Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars – Chris Szkup
Drums – Dennis Leeflang
Bass – Lee Jai-Sung
Piano – Diego Zapatero

Video Concept: Richard Anderson
Video Edited by: Chris Szkup

Filmed in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England & USA

Video Cast: Yohei Eto, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Kayla Driskel, Mathew “Skube” Szkup, Jim “The Legend” Gillbanks, Raewyn Anderson, Johnno Troulis, Kathleen Wood, Paula Gonzalez, Lacey Shular, Jorgen Runas, Hans “The Ringman” Friedhoff, Karen Weiss, Doug Weiss, Carolyn Thornton, Chris Hickling, Shailesh Patel, Paul Taylor, Aaron Mayhew, Nigel Cunningham, Tim Leatuau-Gibson, Mark “Chopper” Smith, Ruth Nicholson-Halcrow, Rod “Rocket” Williams, James Morris

©CS-SONGS / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 2019-2023

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