“Courage Of Conviction Part II: Live And Learn Updates:

  • Artwork to be completed for the “Courage Of Conviction Part II: Live And Learn” album by Dan Verkys in the coming months.
  • “Hate The Hate” single and video to be released in November.

“Dan has been in hot demand lately collaborating on some book projects – we couldn’t be happier for him that his artwork talent is being lapped up and is inspiring others, this has of course meant we have had to wait to deal to any new ideas – but he has given us a window of time to work on the “Hate The Hate” artwork so we’re excited to see how that comes to life…and then of course I look forward to finishing up the artwork for the album booklet…and then I have to come up with something of concept for the next album art….” – Richard Anderson, Oct 2022

  • “The Other Side” video filming, Richard Anderson is amassing footage filmed in Canada, England, New Zealand and Australia

“I have a very specific idea of how I want this video to shape up, so have taken the reigns in terms of the content being submitted for editing on this one. This one’s personal” – Richard Anderson, Oct 2022

  • “It’s Not Even Funny” video concept being worked on, filming proper to begin when singer Tuğra Ismail re-locates to Melbourne.

“I look forward to meeting Tuğra in person and working on this video, he has expressed a desire to work on more songs with us, we do have plans to record more tracks with him on upcoming “Courage Of Conviction” album releases.” – Richard Anderson, Oct 2022

  • Dennis Leeflang has mixed 6 tracks…“Memories Of You”, “Hate The Hate”, “Surrendering My Soul”, “Second Guesses”, “Till Death We Do Part” & “Courage Of Conviction” are all in the can – next up are “Nothing Last’s Forever” and “Lowest Of The Low”

“Listening back to all of the COCII: L&L tracks recently I was astounded at just how well all the songs tended to flow and just how much has gone into this album…it’s going to be an epic. I would say a hard act to follow, but we have a few awesome things written and planned for the following installments.” – Richard Anderson, Oct 2022

“Courage Of Conviction Part III: In The Face Of Adversity” Updates:

  • The first disc is pretty much completed writing wise except for 2 tracks currently still being completed. Several tracks have been demoed, with a few ready to be done so – tracking will begin early in 2023.
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