©Rockaboy Songs / CS-Songs / The Feckers Productions 2011-2023

Lyric: Richard Anderson
Music: Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson
Vocal Arrangements: Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson
Musical Arrangements: Chris Szkup
Strings Arrangement: Rick Curran

Produced and Arranged by Chris Szkup
Co-Produced by Dennis Leeflang & Richard Anderson
Mixed by Dennis Leeflang @ Livelong Productions
Mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson @ The Panic Room, Sweden
Artwork by Dan Verkys, based on concepts by Richard Anderson

Video Concept: Richard Anderson
Video Edited by: Chris Szkup

In memory of William (Bill) Work, John Anderson (Jack) Pedley, Steve Work, Murray Work, Bysh Szkup, Andrew (Houey) Smith, Stephen “Titty” Titter….lads til the end.

Kayla’s, Pacey’s and Richard’s Vocals recorded at PureSound Studios, Wellington, New Zealand, engineered by Rosie Spearing.

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals: Rob Smith
Backing Vocals: Rob Smith, Kayla Lorenz, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Pacey Winiata-Martin, Bella Szkup, Tali Titter, Maggie Titter
Electric Guitars: Chris Szkup
Bass: Lee Jai-Sung
Drums: Dennis Leeflang
Piano: Alessandro Bertoni
Strings: Rick Curran

“Memories Of You” video cast: Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Dennis Leeflang, Rob Smith, Mathew Szkup, Bella Szkup, Jordy Gibson, Charlotte Loach, Kayla Lorenz, Ronan Winiata-Martin, Pacey Winiata-Martin, Stephen “Titman” Titter, Tali Titter, Maggie Titter, Bruce Titter, Jim Gillbanks, Raphael Gazal, Tuğra Ismail, Yohei Eto, Sudev “Nockas” Bangah, Edo Van Der Kolk, Nicola Work, Raewyn Anderson, Anne Carey, Perry Work, Mark “Chopper” Smith, Richard Baddiley, Dean Calkin, Julian Calkin, Emerald Calkin, Stacey McInnes, Chris Bosley, Cyndy Coy, Aaron Mayhew, Jasmine Love, William Phillips, Glenice Hall, Jae Carey, Paul Taylor, Karen Weiss, Jorgen Ru, Lucretia Dorey, Lacey Shular, Carolyn Thornton, Judy Pettman, Linda White, Kathleen Wood, Paula Gonzalez, Ruth Nicholson-Halcrow, Serena Cheung, Kelly Riffle, Elizabeth McDowell, Karyn Cray, Johnno Troulis, Tim Leatuau-Gibson, Carol Dobson, Bob Role, Heather Wylie, Chris “Sonic” Hickling, Finn Lloyd, Denise Champion, Holly Winkler Crowley

PURCHASE INFO COMING SOON – Keep checking where you buy your music digitally, and it should appear there any minute now if it hasn’t already!!!!

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