The Feckers ft Raphael Gazal – Hate The Hate (Video/Single)

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Inspired by real life shitty events

Lyric: Richard Anderson
Music: Chris Szkup, Mathew Szkup
Vocal Arrangements: Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson
Musical Arrangements: Chris Szkup

Produced and Arranged by Chris Szkup
Co-Produced by Dennis Leeflang & Richard Anderson
Mixed by Dennis Leeflang @ Livelong Productions
Mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson @ The Panic Room, Sweden
Artwork by Dan Verkys, based on concepts by Richard Anderson

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals: Raphael Gazal
Backing Vocals: Raphael Gazal, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Stephen “The Titman” Titter
Featured Voice Overs: Stephen “The Titman” Titter
Electric Rhythm Guitar: Chris Szkup, Mathew Szkup

Electric Guitar Solo’s: Chris Szkup & Raphael Gazal
Drums: Dennis Leeflang
Bass: Brett Collidge

Video Concept: Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson
Video Edited by: Chris Szkup

Video Cast: Raphael Gazal, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Dennis Leeflang, Stephen “Titman” Titter (R.I.P), Mathew “Skube” Szkup, Eddie “Scredna” Szkup, Ronan Winiata-Martin, Nicola Work, Jim “The Legend” Gillbanks, Kathleen Wood, Paula Gonzalez, Lacey Shular, Silesh “Shopman” Patel, Aaron Mayhew, Nigel Cunningham, Jim Clark, James Morris, Glen “The General” Parker, Aunty Carol Dobson, Richard “MC Gangsta Che Few Minutes” Siaosi, Jorgen Runas, Hans “The Ringman” Friedhoff, Johnno Troulis, Brett Bosley, Paul Taylor, Doug “Boy Racer” Weiss

©The Feckers Productions / CS-Songs / Rockaboy Songs / Skube Music 2011-2022

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