“Courage Of Conviction Part II: Live And Learn Updates:

  • Artwork to be completed for the “Courage Of Conviction Part II: Live And Learn” album by Dan Verkys in the coming months.Dennis Leeflang has now completed mixes of 9 of the 22 tracks with another 2 to be completed soon
  • Currently we are filming footage for the following upcoming video’s: “You’re Only In If For The..”, ‘Unwritten Rules” and “It’s Not Even Funny”
  • “Courage Of Conviction Part III: In The Face Of Adversity Updates:

  • Writing and demo sessions for this double album are going really well – we have more than enough songs written but want to make sure only the cream of the crop make the cut.
  • We’ve been in talks with some potential very special guests for this round of material – some we have worked with on previous albums and also some people fresh to The Feckers sessions.
  • Tracking of this our 5th album has begun! – with 1 song in the can already and another currently in the throes of being recorded (the bassist has been off kicking ass on a tour with his band around Europe, so we forgive him for the delay on his end 🙂
  • Chris Szkup Updates:

  • A collaborative project with Dan Verkys on an instrumental 8 track EP entitled “Infinite Black: Audio from the Abyss”
  • sure to be a change in styles but nonetheless how cool to see forms of art collide.

    a Dan Verkys production

  • Chris’ next solo-ish EP will likely be out in 2023, more details to come on that.
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