The Feckers – March 2020 Updates

Live To Fight Another Day Sessions:

  • The good news is that we only have 2 tracks to mix and then we are onto the mastering phase of the “Live To Fight Another Day” album, we are in the throes of working out how we will release the album and when, we know there are others like us who keep it real and prefer the physical product over the digital so there will be at least a limited edition release in CD format.


  • We are currently in talks with 2 different producers as to shooting some official conceptual videos. 
  • Chris has done an edit of the “Never Too Old To Rock” video but we are still gathering a few things before signing off on this one and releasing it.

Courage Of Conviction Sessions:

  • Unfortunately the corona virus that is currently fucking over the world has put pay to any further in person writing/recording sessions until the heat dies down from all the hysteria this thing has caused.
  • Recording for our 3rd album is well underway now…with several songs in various states of recording, we just need backing vocals on some songs, lead vocals on others…not much in the way of instrumentation is waiting as we tend to rip into it on a song by song basis.
  • We are very pleased that Pat Valley and Kyle Whalum have delivered the goods for the 3rd album as very special guests, we are currently awaiting contributions from Matt Szkup, Joey Huffman and Roy Bratbakken.
  • Chris is currently demoing up new material that we have written.
  • We’ve had a couple of Rob Smith-penned tracks thrown into the mix (he will also be singing on some other songs as well as playing guitar).
  • We have had some interest from some other special guests that we haven’t yet worked with before…if any one of these things goes ahead then it will add to the overall coolness of what it is to be making The Feckers albums!