Thanks heaps to everyone who has purchased a copy of “Live To Fight Another Day” album, we really appreciate all the feedback that we have been getting and are really proud of how the album turned out. For those of you yet to purchase, we do still have copies available and look forward to shipping yours out to you!

Courage Of Conviction Sessions:

At the moment Dennis Leeflang is mixing our 3rd album “Courage Of Conviction Part I: Picking Up The Pieces” – with a view to releasing it in April 2021.

Dan Verkys is currently working on the album art (the front cover is looking stellar!)

The next single to be released will be “Moments In Time” featuring:

  • Thomas Niedermayer & Bindy Baker (Vocals)
  • Chris Szkup (Electric Guitars)
  • Dennis Leeflang (Drums, Tambourine, Congas, Handclaps)
  • Kyle Whalum (Bass Guitar)
  • Alessandro Bertoni – Grand Piano, Organ, Mellotron

We are currently in talks as to a video to accompany the single release.

New Additions to The Feckers family:

  • Bassist Melvin Brannon Jr (Dan Reed Network) recently recorded bass for “Live And Learn” and we’ll be shooting some more stuff his way!
  • Guitarist Richard Fortus (Guns N Roses) recently added some shredding guitar licks to the 13 minute epic “Courage Of Conviction” (this track also features Brett Garsed and Chris Szkup trading licks)
  • Pianist Andres Martinez has completed piano for “Running Away” and “Live And Learn”

Our 4th album “Courage Of Conviction Part II: Live And Learn” is also currently in the works – this album is about 2/3 recorded as well. A few lead vocals are to be recorded and some backing vocals (which hopefully Chris and Richard will be able to get on with together in the coming months!)

Our 5th album “Courage Of Conviction Part III: Saving Grace” is also currently in the works with several songs having been written and demoed.

Our 6th album “Courage Of Conviction Part IV: Born To Win” is also currently in the works with several songs having been written and a couple of them also demoed.

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