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2nd Album “Live To Fight Another Day” is coming!!! Check here for all the info!!!

the next track to be mixed will be "Never Too Old To Rock" - as inspired by cousin Jim, who in his 80s still listens to his classic rock/metal with no signs of mellowing out "just because"....we had massive fun recording this one :p

good to see our pals Rob, Pauly and Jeff have completed their "7" album....both Rob and Pauly also feature on our upcoming "Live To Fight Another Day" and "Courage Of Conviction" albums https://t.co/o3jYCZy8bP

a bit of interview footage from 2012...it's great to look back and reflect on the cover of "Wasted Years" - who knows? maybe we will record another cover sometime???? https://t.co/lbY8nlATcX

a look back to 2012 to Chris' wonderful solo track "From Within" https://t.co/eYVgFokU5L

a beautiful solo recording by Lydia Salnikova who features on "Live To Fight Another Day"...we're writing a new tune for her too 🙂 https://t.co/1leONsIaMi

this one always brings out the grins.... :)...keep it sane ya buggers..... https://t.co/tkj5cMwQWP

the last bass track and the last hammond track to be recorded in the coming days and then that'll be a wrap of the musical guests for LTFAD album....special thanks to all who have taken these songs and kicked ass with us....seeyas again on COC hopefully? 🙂 \m/\m/

The wonderful vocals of Raffy.... you will be seeing his name mentioned on our pages a lot over the next couple of years, he features on the LTFAD... https://t.co/P3Uc426riQ

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