Courage Of Conviction Sessions:

Dennis Leeflang is half way through mixing our 3rd album “Courage Of Conviction Part I: Picking Up The Pieces”.

Thomas “Plec” Johansen has mastered our next single “Moments In Time”, we are now in discussions for making the video – which the good news is that the contributors are all in to appear, with some guest cameos set to be featured as well.

Our 4th album “Courage Of Conviction Part II: Live And Learn” we have only 2 more songs to track and backing vocals to complete then this album too will be ready for mixing, with a 2022 release date pending.

Sign Of The Times EP:

Our first EP release, this will be in digital only format. The track listing is (currently) as follows:

  • Wrecked (Instrumental) (Rob Smith)
  • Sign Of The Times ft Raphael Gazal (Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson)
  • It’s Not Even Funny ft Tuğra Ismail (Rob Smith, Richard Anderson)
  • Let The Rope Go ft Raphael Gazal (Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson)
  • In The Face Of Adversity ft Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson (Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson)
  • ????? mystery cover bonus track ft Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson
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