June 2022 saw Chris Szkup (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar) and Richard Anderson (Vocals) take their acoustic renditions of The Feckers tunes around Melbourne in celebration of the life of Stephen Neal Titter (1972-2022).

Live at Sloth Bar – June 09, 2022

“It was a huge privilege and indeed a pleasure to step outside my comfort zone and get up with Chris to perform some of our songs live in front of appreciative audiences. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get together to do the live thing since 2019, but it felt so right to be doing it and for the reasons of paying homage to my beloved cousin, someone who was enthusiastic about our music and indeed about Chris and I as people – we were both very close to him. While performing it felt like he was there beside us egging us on….I admit to having moments where I could easily have burst into tears as loss is something that I have unfortunately had a lot of in the past couple of years – but I knew that the show must go on, even when some dipshit knocked a mirror off a wall when I was only a line into “Live To Fight Another Day”, kudos to Chris, he handled things like a pro every night..now was our time to embrace our friendships, and our songs. Each night we met some wonderful singers/songwriters and musicians who gave us great feedback and encouragement, we look forward to teaming up with some of those people again in the future times” – Richard Anderson 17th June 2022

6th June 2022 – The Vault, Yarraville (also featuring Michael Jacob, Alicat, Cammi Kol, Peter Money)
7th June 2022 – The Espy Basement Bar, St Kilda (also featuring Tynan Boniface, and 9 year old Aurelia)
8th June 2022 – Iddy Biddy, St Kilda (also featuring Chris Booroff, Chris Win, Omid Master and Gene)
9th June 2022 – Sloth Bar, Footscray (also featuring Aaron Lee, Michael Jacob and Alicat)

Songs Performed:
Surrendering My Soul (only at The Vault)
Slackers & Wankers (at all dates)
Live To Fight Another Day (at all dates)
Lowest Of The Low (at all dates)

Live at Sloth Bar – June 09, 2022

Allstar Jams were included at The Vault, Iddy Biddy and Sloth Bar

Cancelled Dates:
29th August 2022 – The Vault, Yarraville (venue cancelled)

Upcoming Dates:
23rd November 2022 – Venue & Time to be confirmed

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