The Feckers – Courage Of Conviction – Part II: Live And Learn (28 April 2024)

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Project Co-Ordination by Richard Anderson & Chris Szkup
Produced and Arranged by Chris Szkup
Co-Produced by Dennis Leeflang & Richard Anderson
Mixed by Dennis Leeflang @ Livelong Productions
Mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson @ The Panic Room, Sweden
Artwork by Dan Verkys, based on concepts by Dan Verkys & Richard Anderson
Duplication and Printing by Music and Data CDs Pty Ltd, Benalla, Victoria, Australia

Dedicated in loving memory of Stephen Neal “Titman” Titter (1972-2022)

Disc I: It’s All About The Music

  1. It’s A Great Day ft Roy Bratbakken (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (5.21)
  2. Nothing Last’s Forever ft Raphael Gazal (R.Smith, R.Anderson) (5.23)
  3. Surrendering My Soul ft Chris Szkup (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (6.45)
  4. It’s All About The Music ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (5.20)
  5. Memories Of You ft Rob Smith (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (7.25)
  6. Hate The Hate ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, M.Szkup, R.Anderson) (6.31)
  7. Courage Of Conviction ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (13.33)
  8. Peace Be Damned ft Kyle Thomas (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (5.41)
  9. By Definition ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (6.26)
  10. Live And Learn ft Thomas Niedermayer (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (7.08)
  11. Lowest Of The Low ft Chris Szkup & Sarah Harralson (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (4.51)

Disc II: Second Guesses

  1. End Of A Means ft Richard Anderson & Alice Nelms (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (6:07)
  2. Bonnie Rae ft Rob Smith (R.Smith, R.Anderson) (4:39)
  3. Second Guesses ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (7:56)
  4. Til Death We Do Part ft Rob Smith (R.Smith, R.Anderson) (8:13)
  5. Sign Of The Times ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (9:50)
  6. Get On With Getting On ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (6:04)
  7. How Do I Forget? ft Rob Smith (R.Smith, R.Anderson) (5:40)
  8. Unwritten Rules ft Chris Szkup & Alice Nelms (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (5:42)
  9. The Other Side ft Richard Anderson (R.Anderson, C.Szkup) (3.17)
  10. Maybe You Lied ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (5:10)
  11. You’re Only In It For The…ft Yohei Eto (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (6:57)
  12. It’s Not Even Funny ft Tuğra Ismail (R.Smith, R.Anderson) (5:06)
  13. Wrecked (Instrumental) ft Rob Smith, Raphael Gazal & Chris Szkup (R.Smith) (3:49)

All songs written by Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson
©CS-SONGS / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 2023


  • Nothing Last’s Forever / Bonnie Rae (R.Smith, R.Anderson)
    ©Polar Music New Zealand / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 2020-2023
  • Hate The Hate (C.Szkup, M.Szkup, R.Anderson)
    ©CS-SONGS / Rockaboy Songs / Skube Music / The Feckers Productions 2020-2023
  • Til Death We Do Part (R.Smith, R.Anderson)
    ©Polar Music New Zealand / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 2021-2023
  • How Do I Forget? (R.Smith, R.Anderson)
    ©Polar Music New Zealand / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 2005-2023
  • It’s Not Even Funny (R.Smith, R.Anderson)
    ©Polar Music New Zealand / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 2009-2023
  • Wrecked (Instrumental) (R.Smith)
    ©Polar Music New Zealand / The Feckers Productions 2013-2022

The Feckers:

Chris Szkup – Composition, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Backing Vocals, Wailing on “Wrecked”, Bass on “Nothing Last’s Forever”, “By Definition”, “How Do I Forget?”, Keyboards on “Second Guesses”, Chrisca Rap on “It’s All About The Music”, Handclaps on “Lowest Of The Low”
Richard Anderson – Lyrics, Concepts, Composition, Vocals, Backing Vocals, Voice Overs on “By Definition” & “Sign Of The Times”, Handclaps on “Lowest Of The Low”
Dennis Leeflang – All Drums, Djembe, Shakers & Tambourine, Organ on “Nothing Last’s Forever”
Rob Smith – Composition, Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar Solo’s on “Bonnie Rae”/”Til Death We Do Part”/”Wrecked”
Mathew Szkup – Composition, Rhythm Guitars on “Hate The Hate”
Lee Jai-Sung – Bass on “Memories Of You”, “Peace Be Damned”, “Courage Of Conviction”, “Lowest Of The Low”, “You’re Only In It For The…”, “Bonnie Rae”, “Second Guesses”, “Til Death We Do Part”, “It’s Not Even Funny”, “Wrecked”
Raphael Gazal – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Rant on “Courage Of Conviction”, Guitar Solo’s on “Hate The Hate”, “Wrecked”

Lead Vocals:

Roy Bratbakken – “It’s A Great Day”
Raphael Gazal – “Nothing Last’s Forever”, “It’s All About The Music”, “Hate The Hate”, “Courage Of Conviction”, “By Definition”, “Second Guesses”, “Sign Of The Times”, “Get On With Getting On”, “Maybe You Lied”
Chris Szkup – “Surrendering My Soul”, “Lowest Of The Low”, “Unwritten Rules”
Rob Smith – “Memories Of You”, ‘Bonnie Rae”, “Til Death We Do Part”, “How Do I Forget?”
Kyle Thomas – “Peace Be Damned”
Thomas Niedermayer – “Live And Learn”
Alice Nelms – “Ends To A Means”, “Unwritten Rules”,
Richard Anderson – “Ends To A Means”, “The Other Side”
Yohei Eto – “You’re Only In It For The…”
Tuğra Ismail – “It’s Not Even Funny”

Backing Vocals:

It’s A Great Day: Roy Bratbakken, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson
Nothing Last’s Forever: Raphael Gazal, Chris Szkup, Rob Smith, Richard Anderson
Surrendering My Soul: Chris Szkup, Vanessa Steele, Richard Anderson, Rob Smith
It’s All About The Music: Raphael Gazal, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Rob Smith
Memories Of You: Rob Smith, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Kayla Driskel, Pacey Winiata-Martin, Bella Szkup, Tali Titter, Maggie Titter
Hate The Hate: Raphael Gazal, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Stephen “Titman” Titter
Courage Of Conviction: Raphael Gazal, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson
Peace Be Damned: Kyle Thomas
By Definition: Raphael Gazal, Richard Anderson, Rob Smith
Live And Learn: Thomas Niedermayer, Richard Anderson, Rob Smith
Lowest Of The Low: Chris Szkup, Sarah Harralson, Richard Anderson
Ends To A Means: Richard Anderson, Alice Nelms, Chris Szkup
Bonnie Rae: Rob Smith, Richard Anderson, Chris Szkup
Second Guesses: Raphael Gazal, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Kayla Driskel, Pacey Winiata-Martin
Til Death We Do Part: Rob Smith
Sign Of The Times: Raphael Gazal
You’re Only In It For The…: Yohei Eto, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Rob Smith
Get On With Getting On: Raphael Gazal, Vanessa Steele
How Do I Forget?: Rob Smith, Chris Szkup, Kayla Driskel
Unwritten Rules: Chris Szkup, Alice Nelms, Richard Anderson
The Other Side: Chris Szkup
Maybe You Lied: Raphael Gazal
It’s Not Even Funny: Tuğra Ismail, Kayla Driskel
Wrecked Aaah’s: Chris Szkup

Special Guest Appearances by…..

Alice Atkins – Bass on “Peace Be Damned”, “Maybe You Lied”
Richard Baddiley – Spoken Word on “Sign Of The Times”
Alessandro Bertoni – Piano on “Memories Of You”
Nick Bisesi – Saxophone on “How Do I Forget?”
Melvin Brannon Jr – Bass on “Live And Learn”
Steve Burdette – Hammond Organ on “It’s All About The Music”, “Get On With Getting On”, “Til Death We Do Part”
Caecilia – Piano on “How Do I Forget?”
Brett Collidge – Bass on “Hate The Hate”, “Sign Of The Times”
Rick Curran – Strings on “Memories Of You” & “Courage Of Conviction”
Richard Fortus – Guitar Solo’s on “Courage Of Conviction” & “Sign Of The Times”
Brett Garsed – Slide Guitar on “Nothing Last’s Forever”, Guitar Solo’s on “Courage Of Conviction” & “By Definition”
Joey Huffman – Keyboards & Hammond Organ on “Surrendering My Soul”
Zak Lloyd – Grand Piano on “Courage Of Conviction”
Andres Martinez – Piano on “Live And Learn”
Reese T Morin – Bass on “It’s All About The Music”
Anton O’Carroll – Korero (“Whakataka te hau”) on “Second Guesses”
Brianna Tam – Cello’s on “Second Guesses”
Stephen “Titman” Titter – Spoken Word on “Hate The Hate”
Tūranga Morgan-EdwardsBass on “It’s A Great Day”
Kyle Whalum – Bass on “Surrendering My Soul” & “Get On With Getting On”
Diego Zapatero – Piano on “You’re Only In It For The…”

©CS-Songs / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 2020-2024

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Richard Anderson
2 years ago

what an amazing line-up of musicians, I have loved working on this album