Moments In Time Artwork By Dan Verkys
Moments In Time Artwork By Dan Verkys

Here is the story behind the song “Moments In Time”, the new single that is coming out on June 16, 2021 via the usual digital outlets and

As you will see, a very special song for us due not only to it being a bit different to what we usually do, but also for the inspiration that came from one of the greatest vocalists of all time which led to the song being created.

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals: Thomas Niedermayer Music
Backing Vocals: Bindy Baker
Electric Guitars: Chris Szkup – Guitarist
Drums, Tambourine, Congas, Handclaps: Dennis Leeflang
Bass: Kyle Whalum (Kelly Clarkson, Kirk Whalum)
Grand Piano, Organ, Mellotron: Alessandro Bertoni

Produced and Arranged by Chris Szkup
Co-Produced by Dennis Leeflang & Richard Anderson
Mixed by Dennis Leeflang @ Livelong Productions
Mastered by Thomas Plec Johansson @ The Panic Room, Sweden
Artwork by Dan Verkys with special thanks to Robin Zander (Cheap Trick) for inspiring the writing of this song

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Bon A Gilber
Bon A Gilber
2 years ago

Very inspirational. Talking to Robin would have been a wonderful experience. He is my favourite singer! Looking forward to hearing the entire album. Thanks for sharing.