Courage Of Conviction Sessions:

Our 3rd album “Courage Of Conviction Part I: Picking Up The Pieces” has been mastered, We’ll be sending it off to the CD pressers very soon, a release date of 29th September 2021 has been locked in. We will launch a preview and pre-order very soon!

“Courage Of Conviction Part II: Live And Learn”, we only have 2 more songs and a few bits and pieces to track and then this album will also be fully ready for mixing. Chris and Richard are hopefully going to spend a good chunk of a couple of weeks working on finishing up these songs as well as further writing. They also plan to work on some of the “In The Face Of Adversity” and “Saving Grace” tracks.

“Courage Of Conviction Part III: In The Face Of Adversity” we have started tracking a few songs for this collection, with “Let The Rope Go” completed and ready to mix. All of these songs have been written, there is just a bit of demoing and arranging to go

“Courage Of Conviction Part IV: Saving Grace”, we are now tracking songs for this collection, it is 2/3 written.

More video….
Interest has been strong from our collaborators – a lot of the cast from the “Moments In Time” video have expressed an interest in appearing in the “Memories Of You” video, which we hope to start working on soon.

We’ll also be working on video for tracks from our first 2 albums, with a couple of them being filmed during September depending on the covid situation in Australia.

Live Feckery….
News on that to come soon!

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