Courage Of Conviction Sessions:

We are not far off sending 3rd album “Courage Of Conviction Part I: Picking Up The Pieces” off to be mastered and then printed up. At this stage we are looking at a late August 2021 release date.

We are currently working on the “Moments In Time” video – which will be full of guest cameo’s.

Chris and Richard got together this week in Melbourne to work on the final 2 songs for both “Courage Of Conviction Part II: Live And Learn” which is our 4th album, but also written were 2 songs for the “In The Face Of Adversity” EP which will be released in digital only format in 2022. A couple of killer bonus track ideas were also written, although it is too soon to tell where they might wind up.

Tracking will begin on the 5th album “Courage Of Conviction Part Three: Saving Grace” in May 2021.

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