Ponch Satrio (Indonesia)

Ponch Satrio (Indonesia)

Ponch Satrio (Indonesia)

Sony BMG Indonesia recording artist & solo artist Ponch Satrio is an experienced guitarist, studio session player, active guitar clinician, musical instrument endorser, and teacher at Jakarta Institute of Arts/IKJ as well as being A & R for Stephallen Guitars.

His music has appeared in soundtracks, radio and tv products and jingle advertising (for U.S and Indonesian companies).

Indonesians around central Jakarta can often be heard asking “Where’s Ponch”? – the answer is that if he’s not doing something related to one of the many things above, he’s probably working with his band DeGills, or maybe even producing his bugger brew.

Check out his website and support his kicking of arses!! http://www.ponchsatrio.com

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Richard Anderson

he’s a bugger alright, where’s the solo’s? :p