Rob Smith (New Zealand)

Rob Smith (New Zealand)

Rob Smith (New Zealand)

Rob Smith – born in England, the son of the UK’s first professional country music recording artist
Andrew Smith, better known by his stage name Houston Wells. Rob and his large family all acquired a love and talent for music. Over the years Rob has been in many bands and has written and recorded
with many of them, namely The Bronx, The Candles and Snapdragon.

Rob has written and recorded as a solo artist a number of solo albums, collaborative projects and he
co-founded GONE WILD (with fellow The Feckers member Richard Anderson). In 2004 Rob also formed
his own label Polar Music New Zealand which releases his solo material and other collaborative projects
with such diversity as piano vocal projects with Nils-Ole Finbak (Norway, also a former member of GONE
WILD), Something To Remember collaborative album with English country singer Hayley Oliver and now many albums with the RPJ project (Rob Smith, Paul Jolley – his uncle, also a member of The Feckers
and former The Bronx bandmate Jeff Lethborg).

Rob is a very capable guitarist, vocalist, producer and arranger and an integral member of The Feckers, for whom he has provided lead vocals and guitars on the “It’d Be Rude Not To” album, backing vocals on several
recordings (including tributes to KISS and The Godz). Rob has also contributed in a songwriting capacity to
the “Live To Fight Another Day” EP. There is no doubt that whatever the future holds there will be more Smith
connections to come with regards The Feckers recording legacy.

“Over the years, Rob and I have formed quite a prolific partnership – as well as that we have become firm friends. Rob is someone that I know that whatever projects we have going on, either together or apart we are able to embrace what each other has on the go. I was first struck by Rob’s uncanny knack for melody, which i now know is down to his primary influences of Bryan Adams, Jeff Lynne and Mark Knopfler. We both have a shared admiration for the master guitar playing of Irish virtuoso Gary Moore. Vocally, Rob is able to rock or croon with the best of them – including his own father who I had the privilege to get to know in both a professional and personal manner. Whenever Chris and I have proposed projects for The Feckers there is never any doubt that we would want Rob involved in whatever capacity he has been able or willing to be a part of. I feel very fortunate to have had both Rob and Chris to work with over the years – nothing pleases me more than being able to pour over our wealth of songs, knowing that there will always be something for whatever mood I am in that will tickle my fancy. It is my hope that through working with The Feckers that we are able to take the magic of Rob’s music to a whole new audience that encompasses the world, I truely believe he has a unique gift of song – and he is the one of the most humble and inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing”.
– Richard Anderson (29 April 2018)

Aside from his work in the realms of music, Rob has also in recent years taken to writing his own sci-fi fantasy
books (so far he has produced 4 self published novels). A proud family man, it is no surprise that his daughters were both blessed with beautiful singing voices and have appeared on albums with their father and grandfather in the past. Do not be surprised at all (we won’t be) if his grandchildren in time inherit the same love of creating original music.

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