The Feckers ft Raphael Gazal – Hate The Hate (Single/Video)

To Be Released In 2022

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Inspired by real life shitty events

Lyric: Richard Anderson
Music: Chris Szkup, Mathew Szkup
Vocal Arrangements: Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson
Musical Arrangements: Chris Szkup

Produced and Arranged by Chris Szkup
Co-Produced by Dennis Leeflang & Richard Anderson
Mixed by Dennis Leeflang @ Livelong Productions
Mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson @ The Panic Room, Sweden
Artwork by Dan Verkys, based on concepts by Richard Anderson

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals: Raphael Gazal
Backing Vocals: Raphael Gazal, Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Stephen “The Titman” Titter
Featured Voice Overs: Stephen “The Titman” Titter
Electric Rhythm Guitar: Chris Szkup, Mathew Szkup

Electric Guitar Solo’s: Chris Szkup & Raphael Gazal
Drums: Dennis Leeflang
Bass: Brett Collidge

Video Concept: Richard Anderson
Video Edited by: Chris Szkup

Video Cast: Raphael Gazal, Chris Szkup, Dennis Leeflang, Richard Anderson, Stephen Titter, James “Jimbo” Gillbanks, Johnno Troulis, Chris Hickling

©CS-Songs / Rockaboy Songs / Skube Music / The Feckers Productions 2011-202

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