Hemisphere’s are:

Lead Vocals – Rob Smith, Richard Anderson
Backing Vocals – Rob Smith, Richard Anderson, Kayla Driskel
Electric Guitars – Rob Smith
Drums – Wade Brennan
Bass – TBC


  1. No Regrets (R.Anderson, R.Smith)
  2. The Light In Your Eyes (R.Anderson, R.Smith)
  3. Voice Of Reason (R.Anderson, R.Smith)
  4. Best Of Intent (R.Anderson, R.Smith)

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©Rockaboy Songs / Polar Music New Zealand 2022-2023

Introduction by Richard Anderson: “Wade Brennan (Drums) and I met in 2019 and spoke of working together on some music, unfortunately due to being shagged around by other people – so much for family aye? things hadn’t proceeded as I had hoped on this plan. Meeting up again in 2022 after 3 years of sitting on my hands not being able to travel any further than Australia, I wanted to express just what it meant to be able to have life back again –These songs tell a piece of that story, these songs will forever keep me connected to Canada….and I needed to work with Rob Smith again on something…something new. The Feckers continues to live on – but like Chris, I will from time to time deviate and wear a different hat, it just hasn’t made itself apparent with the music for me until now….at this stage plans are just for the release of an EP”

©Rockaboy Songs / Polar Music New Zealand / Hemisphere’s Productions CAN-NZ 2022-2023

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