Courage Of Conviction Part Two – Live And Learn

The Feckers – Courage Of Conviction – Part Two: Live And Learn

Project Co-Ordination by Richard Anderson & Chris Szkup
Produced and Arranged by Chris Szkup
Co-Produced by Dennis Leeflang & Richard Anderson
Mixed by Dennis Leeflang @ Livelong Productions
Mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson @ The Panic Room, Sweden
Artwork by Dan Verkys

Part Two: Live And Learn

  1. Not Without A Fight ft Noah Wall (Anderson, Rawlings, Finbak, Szkup) (5.36)
  2. Running Away ft Chris Szkup & Kayla Lorenz (Szkup) (5.42)
  3. Picking Up The Pieces ft Noah Wall & Richard Anderson (Smith) (7.10)
  4. It’s Not Even Funny ft Tugra Ismail (Smith, Anderson) (5.23)
  5. Fade Away ft Raphael Gazal (Smith) (3.52)
  6. By Definition ft Raphael Gazal (Szkup, Anderson) (?.??)
  7. We Shall Rock ft Rob Smith (Smith, Anderson) (5.21)
  8. It’s Not So Bad ft Chris Sligh & Noah Wall (Szkup, Anderson) (?.??)
  9. Nothing Lasts Forever ft Rob Smith (Smith, Anderson) (4.46)
  10. Not Broken ft Raphael Gazal (Szkup, Anderson) (?.??)
  11. Second Guesses ft Chris Szkup (Szkup, Anderson) (8.04)
  12. Hate The Hate ft Raphael Gazal (Szkup, Anderson, Szkup) (6.40)
  13. Live And Learn ft Irene Slade (Szkup, Anderson) (?.??)
  14. Courage Of Conviction ft Raphael Gazal & Noah Wall (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (?.??)
  15. No Shame ft Raphael Gazal (Szkup, Anderson) (3.47)
  16. You’re Only In It For The… ft Yohei Eto (Szkup, Anderson) (4.10)

The Feckers:

Chris Szkup – Composition, Guitars, 12 String Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Richard Anderson – Lyrics, Concepts, Composition, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Dennis Leeflang – All Drums, Tambourine, Backing Vocals
Rob Smith – Composition, Guitar Solo’s on “Picking Up The Pieces”, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Mathew Szkup – Guitar Solo’s on “Hate The Hate” & “Courage Of Conviction”, Backing Vocals
Brett Collidge – Bass on “Fade Away”, “We Shall Rock”, “No Shame”
Alessandro Bertoni – Piano, Keyboards on “Not Without A Fight”, “Running Away”, “Picking Up The Pieces”, “It’s Not So Bad”, “Live And Learn”
Raphael Gazal – Guitar Solo’s on “By Definition”
Ponch “Bugger” Satrio – Guitar Solo’s on “It’s Not Even Funny”

Lead Vocals:

Rob Smith – “We Shall Rock”, “Nothing Lasts Forever”
Irene Slade – “Live And Learn”
Raphael Gazal – “Fade Away”, “By Definition”, “Dream Killer”, “Not Broken”, “Hate The Hate”, “Courage Of Conviction”, “No Shame”
Richard Anderson – “Picking Up The Pieces”
Noah Wall – “Not Without A Fight”, “Picking Up The Pieces”, “It’s Not So Bad”, Courage Of Conviction”
Chris Sligh – “It’s Not So Bad”
Chris Szkup – “Running Away”, “Second Guesses”
Kayla Lorenz – “Running Away”
Tuğra Ismail – “It’s Not Even Funny”
Yohei Eto – “You’re Only In It For The…”

Backing Vocals:

Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson – “Not Without A Fight”, “Picking Up The Pieces”, “It’s Not Even Funny”, “Fade Away”, “By Definition”, “We Shall Rock”, “Dream Killer”, “Nothing Lasts Forever”, “Not Broken”, “Second Guesses”, “Hate The Hate”, “Live And Learn”, “Courage Of Conviction”, “No Shame”, “You’re Only In It For The…”
Rob Smith – “Picking Up The Pieces”, “It’s Not Even Funny”, “Fade Away”, “Second Guesses”, “You’re Only In It For The…”
Kayla Lorenz – “Nothing Lasts Forever”, “Second Guesses”
Dennis Leeflang – “No Shame”
Stephen “Titman” Titter – “Hate The Hate”, “No Shame”

Special Guest Appearances by…..

Lee Jai-Sung – Bass on “Not Without A Fight”, “Picking Up The Pieces”, “It’s Not So Bad”, “Second Guesses”, “You’re Only In It For The…”
Diego Zapatero – Piano on “You’re Only In It For The…”
Darcy Stamp – Strings on “Not Without A Fight”, “Running Away”, “Second Guesses”
Neil Murray – Bass on “Running Away”
Zoltan Renaldi – Bass on “It’s Not Even Funny”
Andrei Skliarov – Bass on “By Definition”
Kyle Whalum – Bass on “Live And Learn”
Elin Sandberg – Bass on “Not Broken”
Tony Franklin – Fretless Bass on “Hate The Hate”

©CS-Songs / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 2020-2021

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