The Feckers – Courage Of Conviction (2021)

The Feckers – Courage Of Conviction (2021)

  • 1. It’s All About The Music ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 2. Not Without A Fight ft Irene Slade (R.Anderson, K.Rawlings-Anderson, N.Finbak, Arr: C.Szkup)
  • 3. Sinners & Saints ft Roy Bratbakken (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 4. Running Away ft Chris & TBC (C.Szkup)
  • 5. Epica de Rock ft Raphael Gazal & Alexey Spectre (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 6. Moments In Time ft TBC (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 7. Mighty Fine ft Richard Anderson (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 8. Adrenaline ft Alexey Spectre (A.Spectre, C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 9. Picking Up The Pieces ft Raphael Gazal (R.Smith)
  • 10. Get On With Getting On ft Richard Anderson (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 11. Fall Into Line ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 12. Surrendering My Soul ft Lydia Salnikova (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 13. Pieces Of The Puzzle ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 14. No Hard Feelings ft Tuğra Ismail (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 15. Chardjord ft Irene Slade (P.Jolley, R.Anderson)
  • 16. Words Left Unsaid ft Yohei Eto (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 17. Dirty Little Words ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 18. The Spirit Of The People ft TBC (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) – Non Album Single
  • 19. Use It Or Lose It ft TBC (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 20. Memories Of You ft TBC (P.Jolley, R.Anderson)
  • 21. No Shame ft Richard Anderson (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 23. Fool Me Never ft Roy Bratbakken (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 23. Let The Rope Go ft Raphael Gazal (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
  • 24. You & I ft Raphael Gazal (R.Anderson, G.Burgess, Arr: C.Szkup)


Project Co-Ordination by Richard Anderson & Chris Szkup
Produced and Arranged by Chris Szkup
Co-Produced & Mixed by Dennis Leeflang
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
Artwork by Dan Verkys

Richard Anderson – Lyrics & Concepts, Composition, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Chris Szkup – Composition/Arrangements, Guitars, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Dennis Leeflang – All Drums
Paul Jolley – Piano, Organ, Keyboards
Joey Huffman – Piano, Organ, Keyboards
Rob Smith – Musical Composition, Backing Vocals, Guitars Solo’s
Matt Szkup – Rhythm Guitars, Guitars Solo’s
Ponch “Bugger” Satrio – Guitars Solo’s
Reese Morin – Bass
Tony Franklin – Bass
Neil Murray – Bass on “Picking Up The Pieces”
Jonathon Noyce – Bass
Pat Valley – Guitar Solo’s
Edo Van Der Kolk – Guitar Solo’s
Tommy Denander – Guitar Solo’s on “Picking Up The Pieces”
Sudev “Nockas” Bangah – Rhythm Guitars
Trent Williamson – Harmonica on “It’s All About The Music”
TBC – Saxophone on “Picking Up The Pieces”


Lead Vocals:

Raphael Gazal – “Epica de Rock”, “Picking Up The Pieces”, “Fall Into Line”, “Pieces Of The Puzzle”, “Let The Rope Go”, “You & I”
Roy Bratbakken – “It’s All About The Music”, “Sinners & Saints”, “Fool Me Never”
Alexey Spectre – “Epica de Rock”, “Adrenaline”
Richard Anderson – “Mighty Fine”, “Get On With Getting On”, “No Shame” (tbc)
Irene Slade – Vocals on “Not Without A Fight”, “Charjord” (tbc)
Ariel Petrie – “Memories Of You” (tbc)
Lydia Salnikova – “Surrendering My Soul” (tbc)
Chris Szkup – “Running Away”
? – “Running Away” (tbc)
? – “Moments In Time” (tbc)
Tuğra Ismail – “No Hard Feelings”
Yohei Eto – “Words Left Unsaid” (tbc)
Kayla Driskel – “The Spirit Of The People” (tbc)
? – “Use It Or Lose It” (tbc)


Backing Vocals:

Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Rob Smith, Alexey Spectre, Lydia Salnikova, Kayla Driskel…more to be confirmed….


All songs ©CS-SONGS / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 2021
except tracks:
(2) ©Rockaboy Songs / Karen Ann Music / Nilsy Music / The Feckers Productions 2005-2021
(4) ©CS-SONGS / The Feckers Productions 2018-2021
(8) ©CS-SONGS / Rockaboy Songs / Alexey Spectre Music / The Feckers Productions 2018-2021
(9) ©Polar Music New Zealand / The Feckers Productions ?-2021
(15) ©Charjord Music / Rockaboy Songs / Uncle Pauly Music / The Feckers Productions 2016-2021
(20) ©Rockaboy Songs / Uncle Pauly Music / The Feckers Productions 2011-2021
(24) ©Rockaboy Songs / Gavin Burgess Music / The Feckers Productions 2013-2021

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