The Feckers – Courage Of Conviction (2021)

The Feckers – Courage Of Conviction (2021)


  • Produced and Arranged by Chris Szkup
  • Co-Produced & Mixed by Dennis Leeflang
  • Project Co-Ordination by Richard Anderson & Chris Szkup
  • Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
  • Artwork by Dan Verkys
  • Back Cover Photograph by Karen Rawlings-Anderson

1. It’s All About The Music ft Roy Bratbakken (5.29)
2. Moments In Time ft Irene Slade (8.05) (tbc)
3. Dirty Little Words ft Raphael Gazal (5.16)
4. Mighty Fine ft Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson (3.15) (tbc)
5. No Hard Feelings ft Raphael Gazal (5.55)
6. Not Without A Fight ft Irene Slade () (tbc)
7. Running Away ft Chris Szkup & PJ Bennett (5.42) (tbc)
8. Surrendering My Soul ft Chris Szkup (6.47)
9. Memories Of You ft Rob Smith (7.04) (tbc)
10. Adrenaline ft Alexey Spectre (4.27)
11. Sinners & Saints ft Raphael Gazal () (tbc)
12. Fall Into Line ft Raphael Gazal () (tbc)
13. Words Left Unsaid ft Rob Smith () (tbc)
14. Picking Up The Pieces ft Richard Anderson & PJ Bennett (6.39) (tbc)
15. No Shame ft Tuğra Ismail () (tbc)
16. Use It Or Lose It ft Raphael Gazal () (tbc)
17. A Prodigal Son ft Rob Smith () (tbc)
18. Fool Me Never ft Raphael Gazal () (tbc)
19. You’re Only In It For The… ft Yohei Eto () (tbc)
20. Get On With Getting On ft Richard Anderson () (tbc)
21. Poetic Licence ft Worldwide Union Of Family & Friends () (tbc)


Richard Anderson – Lyrics, Concepts, Composition, Vocals, Backing Vocals, Hand Claps
Chris Szkup – Composition, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Backing Vocals, Chrisca Rap, Hand Claps
Dennis Leeflang – All Drums
Paul Jolley – Piano, Keyboards
Rob Smith – Composition, Guitar Solo’s on “Picking Up The Pieces”, Backing Vocals on “Mighty Fine”, “Picking Up The Pieces”
Reese Morin – Bass on “It’s All About The Music”, “Dirty Little Words”, “Poetic Licence”
Alessandro Bertoni – Grand Piano/Organ/Mellotron on “Moments In Time”, Piano on “Memories Of You”, “Picking Up The Pieces”, Piano/Organ on “Adrenaline”, “Poetic Licence”
Mathew Szkup – Bass, Guitar Solo’s
Ponch Satrio – Guitar Solo’s on “No Hard Feelings”
Q – Bass on “No Hard Feelings”

Special Guests:
Randy Gilkey – Piano on “Mighty Fine”
Maria Grigoryeva – Strings on “Adrenaline”
Kristina Zimowski – Cello on “Memories Of You”
Trent Williamson – Harmonica on “Fool Me Never” (tbc)
Q – Bass on “No Hard Feelings” (tbc)
Tony Franklin – Bass on “Adrenaline”, “No Shame” (tbc)
Jonathan Noyce – Bass on “Fall Into Line” (tbc)
Neil Murray – Bass on “Picking Up The Pieces” (tbc)
Kyle Whalum – Bass on “Moments In Time”, “Surrendering My Soul” (tbc)
Charles Berthoud – Bass on “Mighty Fine”, “Memories Of You”, “Sinners & Saints” (tbc)
Joey Huffman – Keyboards on “Surrendering My Soul” (tbc)
Diego Zapatero – Piano on “Not Without A Fight” (tbc)
Hugo Lee – Saxophone on “Not Without A Fight” (tbc)
Ilia Skibinsky – Saxophone on “Picking Up The Pieces” (tbc)


Lead Vocals:

Raphael Gazal – “Dirty Little Words”, “No Hard Feelings”, “Fall Into Line”, “Sinners & Saints”, “Use It Or Lose It”,
Roy Bratbakken – “It’s All About The Music”
Alexey Spectre – “Adrenaline”
Richard Anderson – “Mighty Fine”, “Picking Up The Pieces”, “Get On With Getting On”
Chris Szkup – “Mighty Fine”, “Running Away”, “Surrendering My Soul”
Irene Slade – “Moments In Time”, “Not Without A Fight” (tbc)
Tuğra Ismail – “No Shame” (tbc)
PJ Bennett – “Running Away”, “Picking Up The Pieces” (tbc)
Rob Smith – “Words Left Unsaid”, “A Prodigal Son” (tbc)
Yohei Eto – “You’re Only In It For The…” (tbc)


Backing Vocals:

Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Rob Smith, Alexey Spectre, PJ Bennett, Kayla Driskel, Pacey Winiata-Martin, Jordy Gibson, Mark “Chopper” Smith…more to be confirmed…


All songs ©CS-SONGS / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Productions 2021
except tracks:
(6) ©Rockaboy Songs / Karen Ann Music / Nilsy Music / The Feckers Productions 2005-2021
(7) ©CS-SONGS / The Feckers Productions 2018-2021
(10) ©CS-SONGS / Rockaboy Songs / Alexey Spectre Music / The Feckers Productions 2018-2021
(14) ©Polar Music New Zealand / The Feckers Productions 1997-2021

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